Rebranding, Website Marketing Strategy
and Content Development

Deborah Fins Associates, P.C.
Fall 2010

Evelyn encouraged me to think about how to position myself and my company and to bring me into the cyber-universe. When I was finally ready to move forward, she was there to provide guidance and support. From our initial discussions, she helped me determine the audience I want to reach, and all the writing, branding and design flowed from there. She is a very valuable member of my outside support team.
–Deborah Fins

For 15 years, Deborah Fins has run a very successful practice in elder care management in Central Massachusetts. A nationally respected professional geriatric care manager (GCM), Deborah needed an Internet presence, both as a point of reference for word-of-mouth referrals and to promote her professional

We began our work together by clarifying her professional values and target market. Based on our conversations, keyword research and a review of other GCM websites, we developed a tag line, “Your Partner in Elder Care Management,” and website address, These concepts guided the creation of a new visual identity by Jenni Schwartz of, including a logo, business card, letterhead suite, brochure and website design.

I defined the website architecture and SEO-keywords for text, heading and urls, and worked with Deborah on writing content, including case vignettes and FAQs to convey her extensive professional experience and authority. I also provided feedback to ensure that all branding and visual materials conveyed the image and concepts we had identified. The site launched in January 2011 to enthusiastic feedback.

Rebranding, Website Marketing Strategy
and Content Development

Mountain Dearborn
Winter 2010

We presented Evelyn with the challenge of giving one of Massachusetts’ oldest law firms a place on the Internet. Evelyn’s primary focus was learning about us and our office. Because she took the time to learn who we are and what we do, she was able to effectively communicate our practice to the general public. We are incredibly happy not only with the website that Evelyn produced, but that we were able to work with someone dedicated to making sure our website was of the
highest caliber.
–Paul Foley, Partner, Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting LLP

Mountain DearbornRecently named one of the top five law firms in Central Massachusetts by US News and World Report, Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting LLP, was in the midst of developing their first website, but needed help with strategy, content and design direction. I clarified strategic goals for the website, conducted keyword research, developed site architecture and SEO-keyword urls, and worked with attorneys Paul Foley and Ann Molloy to write SEO content for

I also provided art direction and guidance for photography by Tom Rettig to illustrate the areas of group practice and worked closely with designer Liz Rosen to create a new brand identity and the website design. Our web developer was Jason Beals. The site launched March 2011.

Web Video
Juxtapositions: Joshua Meyer on Chaos, Painting and the
Many Shades of Gray
December 2010


When Evelyn interviewed me, she brought my audience nearer. Whether they live in California, Italy or around the corner in Boston, with video I can now have a direct and personal one-on-one conversation with everyone in my audience. Not only did Evelyn tell my story, but each viewer can now look and listen with the same intensity as Evelyn.
–Joshua Meyer

An award-winning painter and 2010 fellowship recipient from the Massachusetts Cultural Commission (MCC), Joshua Meyer wanted to make his art more accessible to website visitors and invite them into a dialogue with his works. I created a four-minute HD video of Joshua explaining his creative process and showcasing several of his exquisite paintings. He used the video to help promote his December 2010 show at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, and the video has also been highlighted on the MCC website.

Magazine: Hebrew College Today
Hebrew College

Evelyn is an outstanding editor/manager with an instinctive ability to conceive of story ideas that showcase an organization’s key strengths, and to transform those ideas into compelling, high-impact copy. She consistently brings out the best in staff and freelance writers and graphic artists, and enjoys collaborating with them to deliver print and Web content that soars.
—Mark Dwortzan, Writing and Editing Consultant

During my tenure at Hebrew College, I created and served as editor-in-chief of
a semi-annual magazine, Hebrew College Today. Our goal was to produce a
substantive publication about the issues and ideas central to the
College’s vibrant intellectual dialogue.

Magazine themes included the challenges of pluralistic Jewish education, the future of teaching Hebrew, and directions in Jewish congregational education.

The magazine was highly regarded among Jewish educators and rabbis, and was used as one of the College’s prime tools
for fundraising and promoting its educational programs.