How We Created My Website: Finding My Voice


Welcome to my new website! I’m very pleased to be finally writing my first blog post. This site has been several months in the making, and I’d like to share how we made it happen. A lot goes into creating a website, and the story behind my own provides a great example of the amount of thought, detail and teamwork involved in the process.

I’ve been creating websites for clients and other organizations for years, now, but I must admit—when it came to creating one for myself, I had a mental block. What was my goal? How to describe myself?  Who was my audience? How to explain this abstract thing called marketing in a way that distinguishes me and reflects my personal tastes and talents?

Listening and Storytelling
After a few false starts, I landed on two key themes: listening and storytelling. I love to listen to others explain what is interesting and special about their work. It’s what drew me to journalism years ago and what fascinates me about my clients, today. I also love to tell stories—both true-life and fiction. These are the themes that unify all of my work as a marketing consultant.

What is my goal? To provide a strong online reference for potential and new clients who want to learn more about my background and experience. To demonstrate how I think about marketing by how I do it for myself. To provide a showcase of some of my best work and how my clients have benefited.

Defining My Audience
Who is my audience? Someone like you, if you’ve read this far! Someone who cares about well-crafted language, excellent design, thoughtful messaging, and who enjoys surprises.

So I wrote with you in mind, inspired by a wonderful book, The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in the use of storytelling to inspire, influence and persuade. My goal was to make the content engaging by telling stories about my experience and the work I’ve done.

You’ll be the judge if I succeeded. Please let me know what you think about the site! And I’d love to hear how you found out about me.

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