Searching for the Right Message? Ask Your Valued Customers

I know a general contractor who, at the end of every job, no matter what’s involved, always checks each door in his client’s home to be sure that it opens and closes properly and that the lock works.

Not your average contractor. And you can be sure that his clients love his work and are happy to refer him to others.

That personal touch and commitment to treating each client’s house as if it were his own home is what sets him apart. It embodies his business ethic and workmanship, and is the cornerstone of his excellent reputation.

The Key to Persuasive, Honest Marketing
Knowing what your most valued customers prize about you and your business is the key to persuasive and honest marketing.

Often, our first instinct is to describe what we think are the most important selling points about our product or service—why we believe it’s valuable and worthwhile for our customers, because we’ve worked so hard to create something that we’re sure is useful.

But the strongest selling points may be qualities we haven’t recognized or that we take for granted—like commitment to quality, being reliable or providing that extra service without being asked.

Base Your Message on Customer Referrals
The best way to find out the perceived value of your product or service? Borrowing from a great recent Authority Rules webinar with John Janscht and Sonia Simone: Just ask your best customers, the ones who refer you to their friends.

You’re not fishing for compliments, here. You’re asking them for an honest assessment and the words they use when they describe you to others. Use that feedback as the basis for your marketing message—and keep up the good work!


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