Video Case Study: Worcester JCC Early Childhood Program

If you’re looking for the best preschool for your child, what’s the first thing you do?

Most likely, you survey other likeminded parents of young kids, to find out which programs they use and why.

That was the concept behind this video, Parent to Parent, which I recently completed for the Worcester Jewish Community Center Early Childhood Program (ECP).

My marketing research revealed that parents are the ECP’s key referral sources, and that they are enthusiastic promoters. So the goal was to capture their comments on video, mixed with illustrative shots of the kids and teachers in action on a typical day.

I wanted a prospective parent to be able to watch the video and feel as if he or she were sitting down over coffee with an ECP parent to get an honest appraisal of the program, and to see firsthand the quality of the teacher-student interactions and the JCC’s beautiful facility.

How the Video is Constructed
I decided to use only parent voices to narrate the video, organizing the clips in a logical sequence of answers to questions that most prospective parents ask: what’s the program include, what kind of activities are available, what is the nature of  student-teacher relationships, how well is a child prepared for kindergarden, how is discipline handled and, finally, is the program inclusive for families of all faiths (it is).

I was very fortunate to interview four eloquent parents, from a variety of backgrounds, to tell their stories about the ECP. All of their accounts were remarkably consistent, which both gave me confidence in my source material and made it easy to edit their thoughts together.

I used a montage of children engaged in their morning activities to draw in the viewer as the video opens and illustrated parents’ comments with relevant clips of children playing. Ambient sounds from the classroom, pool, gym and playground convey the playful, child-centered atmosphere of the program, as well as the kind and caring relationships between teachers and children, much better than any formal narration could ever do.

The video was just posted on the JCC website this week and will be used to promote their outstanding Early Childhood Program for the fall and beyond.





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