Why All the Interest in Pinterest?

It’s the fastest growing social media site on the Internet. Winner of the 2011 Crunchie award for best new startup, Pinterest has become one of the most powerful tools for driving referral web traffic, beating out YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn, combined, according to recent Sharaholic data.

So what is Pinterest, in case you haven’t heard? It’s a sharing space for your favorite visual images—everything from fashions to artwork. You capture web images and “pin” them to your virtual bulletin board. Other Pinterest members can re-pin your images on their own boards, comment and share them. Women in their twenties and thirties comprise the largest user demographic, but the site is growing so rapidly that the mix is bound to evolve.

And the applications are evolving as quickly as the site is growing. Dominated by favorite recipes and home decor images to start, the site is now a hot tool for sharing everything from wristwatches to resumes. Small businesses and large, take note. If your work lends itself to visual storytelling, this is the place to be.

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