A Word About Type

Times Roman.

You see these typefaces on websites all the time. Why? They’re very readable on screen. As a result, they’ve become industry standards for electronic communications.

Which makes them utilitarian . . . and pretty boring.

Which is why, when we created this website, my designer and I decided to go with a more distinctive, yet quite readable typeface, Chaparral Pro. We’re using Typekit to embed the fonts in the site.

(FYI: Typeface refers to a particular design of type, such as Futura or Garamond. A font is a set of type of a specific design and size, such as Helvetica Regular 12 point, and refers to the time when print was set by hand. I know this because my designer once set me straight when I mixed up the terms!)

A Unique Typeface Says a Lot About You
Choosing a unique typeface and paying attention to type design says a lot about you—your personality, your values, your attention to detail, your sense of aesthetics.

I like Chaparral Pro because it’s clean and modern, with hints of an old fashioned typewriter; it conveys current design trends as well as tried-and-true craft.

That combination says a lot about how I approach my work. I integrate the proven art and craft of traditional media—print, public radio and video—with new media to create thoughtful, aesthetically appealing websites, podcasts and web videos with high production values.

This is just one example of how a carefully chosen typeface can say volumes about you and what you bring to your business.

For a few more words about the value of smart type choices, check out this recent blog post by Seth Godin, which includes some excellent typography resources.

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