Build Your Authority and Site Traffic With a Great Resources Page

To find facts fast, search online, right? But online searches aren’t always that efficient. Often, it’s easy to get sidetracked down one alley of tangential references after another, only to look up and discover that an hour slipped by while you were trying to figure out cheap flights to San Francisco and you landed in the story of Al Capone at Alcatraz.

So, how about helping your potential clients search for answers more efficiently? You can build your authority as an approachable expert as well as attract qualified visitors to your website by developing excellent resources that solve your clients’ problems.

Be a Content Curator
One way to do this is to be a content curator in your field. For example, in Debbie Fins’s resource page for her geriatric care management website, we included a variety of links to help families of aging loved ones research their options for care management, assisted living, nursing homes, hospice care and elder law representation, as well as to learn more about various dementia-related diseases. Beneath each link is a blurb about the resource, to make it easier to skim the page and find the right information.

For Attorney Marcia Tannenbaum’s resources page, we collected links relevant to her specialties in divorce, mediation and collaborative practice. These included websites that describe Massachusetts divorce guidelines, downloadable forms needed to file for divorce in the Commonwealth, reading lists of books about divorce that Marcia has found helpful for her clients and their children, and professional resources and organizations that explain more about this form of dispute resolution.

In developing your professional resources page, think about the kinds of information you give out to your clients on a regular basis. If you’re an accountant, include a list of tips for preparing information to file your taxes. If you’re a doctor, share books about nutrition and exercise to improve patient wellness. If you’re a therapist, refer to readings about coping with anxiety or dealing with addictions.

Combine downloadable PDFs of tips and recommended books with links to websites that you rely on for accurate, easy-to-find, relevant information for your clients’ most-asked questions, and you have the foundation of a great resources page.

Blog About Answers to Your Ideal Clients’ Questions
Another approach is to blog about issues that your clients struggle with. You need to have a thorough understanding of your target audience and helpful, useful advice to answer their pressing questions. You also have to enjoy writing and be willing to stick to a regular publishing schedule, at least once a week.

I’ve chosen the blogging approach for my own website, because I like to write and teach, and blogging adds fresh content to my site each week, helping me to get noticed in the very crowded field of marketing consulting. If you skim through my blog posts, you’ll see that most of them are targeted toward helping service professionals and solo entrepreneurs to understand the basics of market research and how to create content for a solid professional website.

Blogging is an art and science, as well as a significant time commitment. Some excellent blogging resources include and

Whichever approach you choose, you can point potential clients to your resources page or blog to help answer their questions as you cultivate a professional relationship. Once you’ve invested the time in developing quality content, you’ll reap the benefits with a ready set of useful, accessible information that helps to establish you as an approachable expert in your field.

Marketing consultant Evelyn Herwitz loves to help you tell a great story about your great work. She specializes in search-optimized web content that positions you as an approachable expert in your field and helps you grow your business. Contact Evelyn for a free half-hour consult for new clients.


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