Experience has taught me the value of listening well—to help you clarify what is essential and compelling about you and your work. I offer all new clients a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about you and your business, and to explore the work we might do together.

If you decide to proceed, I’ll draft a project proposal for your review. My fees depend on the complexity of the project and my best estimate of how much work is involved. Here’s how we work together:

I collaborate with a number of talented, reasonably priced graphic designers, photographers, web developers and social media experts. When you and I determine the scope of your project, we’ll discuss what other professionals should be included, based on your budget. I’ll manage their work on the project, but they will bill you separately for their time.

My work includes the following:


  • discovery process of defining your unique selling proposition and ideal client
  • competitor analysis
  • keyword research
  • branding or rebranding your business identity, if needed

Content Development

  • site architecture
  • search optimized page urls
  • all written content for the website, with two rounds of review (additional rounds charged at hourly rate)

Design Direction and Site-Build Project Management

  • art direction of website design
  • project management of site build

Marketing Strategy

  • recommendations for promoting your new website


My fee for website content development starts at $3,500. I work with a talented web developer who charges $500-$750 for a customized WordPress template, or I will be pleased to work with your own consultant. The cost of a custom site build depends on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for a quote.

If you have an existing site that needs refreshed copy, I charge $500 for a comprehensive copyedit of any three pages of your choice (500 words or less per page), and $125 for each additional page; $175 for the homepage, alone.

Please contact me, Evelyn Herwitz, for a free half-hour consultation.

I work with a Kodak Zi8 HD camera to give a you-are-there feel to my videos. The camera and final editing combine to create beautiful, high definition, crisp visuals that are polished and still personal. My video work includes the following:

Pre-Production: Concept and Strategy

  • discovery process to define your strategic goals and target audience for the video
  • story concept for video

Production: The Shoot

  • HD digital recording, including interviews and B-roll of you and your business in action, other relevant visual material as needed

Post-Production: Creating the Video

  • editing visuals and audio to create your video
  • one round of review
  • final high definition Quick Time video, ready for upload to YouTube

Marketing Strategy

  • recommendations for promotion


My rates start at $1,200 for a 3-minute, professionally produced HD video. Pricing for videos depends on a number of factors, including length, number of interviews required, shoot location, travel time and complexity of the production.

Please contact me, Evelyn Herwitz, for a free half-hour consultation.

In-depth Lead Generation Content
I am available as content developer or editor for a variety of projects requiring in-depth research and writing, including eBooks, short on-line courses and white papers. This work can include some or all of the following:

Background Research

  • strategic focus and competitor analysis
  • content research

Content Development

  • writing and/or editing
  • video production
  • design guidance


  • selecting an appropriate publishing and distribution platform
  • landing pages and email campaigns
  • other promotional strategies


Pricing for these services depends largely on the complexity of the project and time involved. I work with you to determine whether an hourly or project rate is preferable.

Please contact me, Evelyn Herwitz, for a free half-hour consultation.

Marketing Mentoring

If you want to do your own marketing but just need some extra guidance and support, I’m glad to help. Some possible projects:

  • Assessment of current website and help planning a new site
  • Review of content, editorial direction
  • Brainstorming your marketing strategy
  • Concept for online course or e-book
  • Blog concept, article strategy and publication schedule


You can purchase my consulting services in one of three packages:

  • One hour: $150
  • Two hours: $250
  • Four hours (best value): $475

Please contact me, Evelyn Herwitz, for a free half-hour consultation.

I look forward to learning more about you and your marketing needs.
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