Just Be Civil

As we hurtle through the final weeks of the Presidential campaigns, language has reached a new low. All you have to do is check out Twitter for the two candidates to see how people fling gratuitous lies and innuendos with the speed of data transmission—or check your junk mail or political ads on TV, if you can actually sit there and watch. I can’t.

As a professional writer and marketing consultant, I care a lot about language—using well-chosen words to tell the truth about people, products and services that I believe in. I’m tired, to say the least, of all the campaign cheap shots, insults, curses and outright lies that are being published without any editorial filters.

So I was very gratified to read Sonia Simon’s thoughtful post on Copyblogger this week, The Civility Manifesto: A Call to Action (Your Input Needed). Read the post. Take it seriously. And think carefully next time, before you hit Send.

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