Marketing 101: A Great Message Starts with a Great Product and Great Service

I learned to sew when I was 13, and I’ve been sewing my own clothes, on and off, ever since. As any sewing enthusiast knows, there is nothing like discovering an excellent fabric store. With the Internet, a vast selection of fabric is just a mouse-click away. But no web gallery can compete with the delight of sifting through fabric bolts, fingering texture and drape, immersing in a rich array of colors.

So, it was with great pleasure that I recently discovered Sawyer Brook Fabric’s outlet store in Clinton, Mass., a scenic drive from my home. Sawyer Brook has a website and is primarily an online fabric retailer. But they also operate a small store—up a creaky staircase, at the end of a long, dark corridor lined with antique furniture, on the second floor of an old brick wire mill.

Kindred Spirits Behind the Counter
Not the most likely setting. But once inside, I met three women who are devoted to sewing and fabric arts, who know their inventory of mostly designer end-lots like their own wardrobes, who delight in helping you to find just the right fabric and notions for your project, and who can tell you that the exquisite button you’ve selected is made from coconut shell.

I left feeling ecstatic—excited to sew my new pants out of a beautiful oatmeal linen-cotton blend, happy to have met kindred spirits who were such a great help, pleased that I bought quality materials for a very good price, and ready to tell friends who sew that they must visit the Sawyer Brook store.

Best Marketing Practices
There is no better marketing message than word-of-mouth referrals from people you trust, who share your passion for a particular product or service. And there’s no better way to get those referrals than to thoroughly understand your market and to provide a quality product and outstanding service for the right price.

It doesn’t matter if you work in an upscale office complex or an old wire mill, in Midtown Manhattan or the middle of nowhere. In today’s wired world, what really counts is providing an excellent product and great, personal service to meet your target audience’s needs.

Of course, a good, search-optimized website and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter amplify and accelerate word-of-mouth marketing. Share what you offer and what you know to help your audience achieve their goals via honest, clear, attractive, accessible web content and a strategic media mix, and your customers will find you—even at the end of a long, dark corridor.

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