Nothing Kills Buzz Faster Than Buzzwords

So, you’re a thought leader, an out-of-the-box innovator, with a unique, cutting edge product or service, ready to hit the ground running to catch all that low hanging fruit and . . . need I go on?

It’s far too easy to describe how you serve your clients with business clichés that don’t really distinguish your work from the next guy’s. While you may think you’ve established your authority, when you rely on buzzwords, your message just fades into white noise.

Effective web content distinguishes you from your competition by conveying your—oops, almost wrote value proposition—personality, values and how well you understand your customers and meet their needs.

Use Precise Examples and Telling Details
It’s all about being precise, using the telling detail rather than worn-out words:

  • Instead of describing yourself as a thought leader, tell an anecdote about how your advice led to specific advances in your professional field.
  • Instead of calling yourself an out-of-the-box innovator, describe the creative process that led to one of your break-through products.
  • Instead of vaunting your cutting-edge service, explain specifically how your work meets your client’s needs with greater insight and imagination than anything else available.

Ask Your Best Customers What Keeps Them Coming Back
One of the best ways to get the message right is to ask your best customers. What is it about your work that keeps them coming back? Pick people who will be honest and understand you’re not just fishing for compliments. Don’t be afraid to probe for specifics. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what they tell you and gain important insight into the value of your efforts.

Don’t stop at testimonials. Weave their language into your web content to distinguish the quality of your work and establish yourself as a valued, approachable expert in your field.

And if you’re still not sure what phrases are so overused that they should be on your black-list, check out these lists:

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How about you? What’s your buzzword hit list?

Marketing consultant Evelyn Herwitz loves to help you tell a great story about your good work. She specializes in search-optimized web content that positions you as an approachable expert in your field and helps you grow your business. Contact Evelyn for a free half-hour consult for new clients.



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