Why It Costs More to Have Your Best Friend’s Neighbor’s Kid Do Your Website

You’re launching your new business, and you need a website. Your best friend tells you that her neighbor’s daughter, a high school senior, is a whiz at computers and can build it for you.

“Great!” you say, thinking how that will save you a bundle. And, anyway, kids these days know a whole lot more about the Internet and social media than adults, since they grew up with keyboards in their cribs, right?

Sure, you can save some money that way. But unless this kid is also a whiz at strategic content development, graphic design, search engine optimization and Internet marketing, chances are you’ll end up with a site that looks, well, amateur.

Is that how you want to come across to your target audience?

I didn’t think so.

Keys to a Professional Internet Presence
There are four basic elements to a successful website:

  1. Content that is clear, authoritative, easy to skim and speaks to your ideal customer’s needs, capped by a compelling call-to-action that converts visitors to buyers.
  2. Design that is attractive, expresses your business persona, enables the viewer to easily find what she’s looking for and draws her eye to your call-to-action.
  3. Strategically selected keywords that potential customers use to find your kind of business, which are integrated throughout your site, in headlines, sub-heads, text, urls and page tags.
  4. Fresh content that you produce on a steady basis, providing valuable information for your ideal client, which you distribute via media that she uses regularly—whether it’s a blog, Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, traditional media, word of mouth or some combination—to build in-bound links to your site and draw customers to your business.

Invest in a Website for the Long Run
It’s all about establishing yourself as an accessible, trusted authority in your field, making yourself easy to find online, and—once your ideal customer has found you—ensuring that your site will hold her attention for more than just a few seconds and convince her to do business with you.

That kind of website requires an investment of time and thought and, yes, more money than you’d pay your best friend’s neighbor’s whiz kid to build. But the payoff, in the long run, is well worth it.

And you are in business for the long run, right?

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